Mercedes-Benz has earned the consent for using automatic valet parking, the world’s first fully automated driverless parking function ever permitted by authorities.


The system was established in cooperation with Bosch. The automated valet parking service can be retrieved via a smartphone app. No driver is necessary to be in the vehicle. The system is now the world’s first fully automated driverless SAE Level 4 parking function to be officially approved for everyday use.

Safety was the top precedence for the two companies. The project was overseen by experts from the local authorities, that made sure everything was going according to plan, without giving up the bodily integrity of those involved.


The vehicle that doesn’t require a driver is skilled in sensing other cars and pedestrians that it detects. The car comes to a half when confronting with an obstacle. In order for the system to function safely, the engineers needed the provide a secured communication amongst all sub-systems.

Now, How Does It Work?

While it may sound complex, it’s actually very easy to use for the driver. All the driver needs to do is drive into the garage, get out of the car and send it to a parking space with a tap on the screen of their smartphone. The car will drive itself to a chosen space and then park. Later, when requested, the car will return to the drop-off point. 


Bosch provides the sensors and communication set-up in the parking garage to tell vehicles where to go. The system is founded on the Bosch sensors that persistently monitor the driving passage and its settings and sends the information needed to guide the vehicle. The technology integrated in the car converts the commands from the substructure into driving movements. 

Bosch and Daimler have been working as a team in the field of automatic driverless parking since 2015.

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